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Inclement weather bus cancelations

New Weather Zones For School Bus Cancellations

Winter driving conditions can be challenging in Simcoe County, and severe inclement weather sometimes requires the cancellation of school bus runs. Weather conditions are not always predictable and do not always follow a specific pattern. Decisions to cancel school bus runs are based on information from a number of sources before 6:00 a.m. that morning.

To limit bus cancellations if weather conditions warrant, the Simcoe County Student Transportation Consortium (SCSTC) has developed Inclement Weather Zones.  These four new zone areas have been determined with consideration to weather patterns, school catchment areas, routes that cross over catchment areas and special needs transportation.


The implementation of four weather zones - North, South, Central and West - will allow for partial cancellations.  For example, when the weather in the Collingwood area is such that it is not safe for the buses to travel the roads, then buses in the West Weather Zone would be cancelled, while the buses in remaining three zones would continue to run.

Bus cancellations messages will be relayed in the following ways:

If weather is severe in only part of the County, then the weather zones will come into effect  The media will announce: “All School Buses have been cancelled in [NAME OF ZONE] Weather Zone”.

If weather is severe throughout the entire County of Simcoe, then the media will announce: “All School Buses in Simcoe County are cancelled”.

Please note: Schools are open for learning when buses are cancelled, unless stated otherwise.

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